Helping citizen developers build more than 4 million apps (and counting) since 2014 (acquired by Google Cloud in 2020). AppSheet is a unified, no-code platform to build custom apps, automate workflows, and integrate with your favorite productivity suites like Google Workspace.

Our Solution

A leader in the no-code space, AppSheet helps citizen developers simplify work, no-coding required.

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AppSheet helps citizen developers help their companies ideate quickly, drive innovation, and increase ability in an ever-changing work environment.

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Thought Leadership

The Citizen Developer’s Role in Digital Transformation Projects

Join PMI, Pipefy, Toca, Kianda and Google for the second edition of the PMI Citizen Developer Partner Perspective where we bring you valuable insights, perspectives and experiences from leaders of the citizen development movement.

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Reduces paper purchasing, printing and storage costs by $100,000 per year

Singapore Press Holdings embarked on a digital transformation journey, including the creation of a paperless office and streamlined corporate application development with Google Workspace and AppSheet.

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Freed up 10% of current IT spend by replacing existing software allowing for real-time transparency

By moving its productivity solutions to the cloud and giving employees better tools to solve their challenges, BHI has transformed its workforce to be more innovative, productive, and profitable.

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Created 141 business process automation apps to enhance efficiency

Globe Telecom is automating business processes, fostering digital collaboration, gaining an innovation mindset, accelerating decision-making, and creating new digital experiences with Google Workspace and AppSheet.

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No-code momentum: Accelerating app development and automation

Learn why no-code development is gaining momentum and empowering citizen developers to create powerful automations and line-of-business apps.

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State of no-code app development

Problem solving requires a democratized approach to the tools of innovation, such that technology is leveraged to create novel solutions.

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The Power of No-Code Development

Praveen Seshadri from AppSheet shares how a no-code platform can help organizations enable innovation everywhere.

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The Future of Business Innovation is Not Based on Coding Alone

Accelerate innovation with APIs, no-code, and automation.

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Cloud Unfiltered: Building Apps without Code

In this episode, listen to AppSheet founder talk about what it is, how it works, who it's good for, and who it's not good for.

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How to Empower Your Workforce

By leaning into the idea that everyone should be able to collaborate in real time and innovate on their daily work, businesses can position themselves for success.

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